Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Ya Just Love Spring?

Every Spring the trees behind my house fill with pretty pink flowers and then they drop into the pond.  I just love looking out my back door and seeing all of these flower petals floating on the surface.

Sophie couldn't care less about the lake but she sure loves the sunshine!


JDConwell said...

Oh my looks like Mother Nature has thrown confetti! The cat does care about the lake, she's just too cool to show it. ;~)

priti.lisa said...

Two marvalous pictures! Sophie is a cutie-patutie.
My cat has spring fever and is racing around the house right now :)
I finally found the styrofoam eggs for the doll class...thank God for Easter :)

Michele Lynch Art said...

Beautiful view! Your kitty is too cute!! xo Michele

Mim said...

Hi -
I'm going to leave a comment on Etsy also - the problem is that I purchased your workshop on folk art dolls but the link isn't working anymore. Can you resend the link?
thanks! mim

Lucys Baby said...

Hi Moriah,
Thanks for your supportive and encouraging words. It's still cold here in Minneapolis. Arghhh!

AisforRandom said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!! we got three inches of snow...........:(

Dena said...

Hi Moriah,

I have this idea brewing expanding on your folk art doll, and I want to call them the 'Betterly Girls/Dolls"... wait and see what I can come up with.

Keep on enjoying Spring!