Saturday, May 14, 2011

FINALLY! Kilns are Smokin' Hot!

We FINALLY fired up two of our kilns today!  Whoo hoo.  In the medium sized kiln I'm firing the kiln posts that I made myself.  These are meant to lie flat as they are going to be part of the stand system I came up with to fire my pendants. 

In the small kiln I'm bisque firing some porcelain doll parts and a few test pendants...

Fingers crossed it all goes well.  I took ceramics in college but they always fired our pieces for us and they never taught us to fire ourselves.  So, while I'm not a novice where ceramic art is concerned, I am a novice where firing kilns is concerned.  EEK!  I'm a nervous wreck!  Tomorrow I'll post again letting you know if it was a success or a complete disaster.  Ha ha ha

If any of my fabulous readers have kiln firing experience and would be ever so kind as to pass on some knowledge to me, I would be oh so greatful.  :) <3

Okay, I'm off to pace the floors into the night. 

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Sassy Marsha said...

The coils in the smaller kiln need to be pushed back in the groves. They shouldn't be sticking out like that :)

You'll need a propane torch to do it.