Friday, August 12, 2011

It's GIVEAWAY Time!!!!

Hello everyone!  I think it's high time to host a giveaway, don't you?  YAY!!!

So, here's the deal....

If you've been following this blog, you know that I recently started making ceramic pendants and beads.  I am selling these works under the name Blu Mudd and I need your help getting the word out that Blu Mudd exists.  In return, I'm having a giveaway!  Who doesn't like free stuff??

There are several ways to win so here we go....

1.  YOU MUST COMMENT ON THIS POST to receive one entry but you can earn more entries below.  Make sure you leave me links to what you've done in your comment here so I can verify what you've done to help spread the word.

2.  If you become a follower over at the Blu Mudd Blog, you will receive one entry.
3.  If you post this badge on your blog's sidebar with a link back to, you will receive one entry.

4.  If you post about my giveaway on your blog, and use the picture below in your post and link to, you will receive one entry.

5.  If you "friend" me on Facebook, you will receive one entry.
6.  If you post about this giveaway on Facebook, you will receive one entry.
7.  If you tweet about my giveaway on Twitter, you will receive one entry.
8.  If you follow THIS blog, you will receive one entry.
9.  If you favorite the Blu Mudd Etsy Store, you will receive one entry.

I will draw three winners on August 22nd.


The First Prize Winner will win one pendant FOR EACH THING THEY DID TO SPREAD THE WORD!  That's right! If the winner did all 9 things, they will have their pick of NINE pendants from the Blu Mudd Etsy Store!  If they did 6 things, they'll have their pick of six pendants and so on.  Rock on!

The Second Prize Winner will win two pendants available in the Blu Mudd Etsy Store.

The Third Prize Winner will win one pendant available in the Blu Mudd Etsy Store.

The winners can also choose to have a custom pendant made for them of their initial or first name as one of their prizes.

Don't forget to leave me links in your comment here so I can verify everything and make sure you're credited the right number of entries.

Thanks so much for all of your help getting the word out about Blu Mudd and Good Luck!


Wilton Art said...

Hi Moriah,

I 'favorited' you blue mudd etsy shop, face booked you and joined the blog. I hope I get a chance to get your pendent!

Midwestie Lady - Linda said...

I favorited your Blu Mudd etsy shop, join this blog, joined your Bue Mudd blog, friended" you on FaceBook and posted here for five entries. I love your pendants! Wishing you success with Blu Mudd!
Linda Harbin
MidwestieLady on FB, Etsy and ArtFire

Dawn in the Forest said...

Yay a giveaway.....count me in:) I know I already follow your Blu Mudd blog and this one. I've been admiring your pendants, so I would love to own one.

Have a lovely day!

sassypackrat said...

I already follow this blog as you know. ;0) I can't follow your new one cause for the last year blogger won't let me follow any new blogs or delete any old ones...sigh.

Anyhoo I shared on Facebook and will tweet too. I'll blog tomorrow and put your button on my blog too. I guess you could say I'm motivated! Always happy to help out a friend and spread the word! Love your pendants!

Ayala Art said...

I twitted it!

Ayala Art said...

... and I'm a follower :o}

Ayala Art said...

And I posted in FB! :oD

sassypackrat said...

O.k. my blog post and your badge are up. I hope what I wrote is o.k. ;0)

Grandma said...

I followed both blogs and I'm a friend on facebook and I favorited your Etsy store and I posted on FB

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Hi Moira
I would love a chance to win 1 of your pendents. I am a follower on your 2 blogs, I have put the badge in my sidebar, I have friended you on FB. Keeping my fingers crossed.