Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mad Cow

Oh my gosh!  What a week!  It seems like I haven't sat still since Sunday.  The kids went back to school this past Monday and I am determined to get my schedule on track so I can take full advantage of my kid free hours during the week.  So, I have been getting up a lot earlier than I used to and have been getting up a little earlier each day.  Today I was up at 7:45am and I'm certainly feeling it right now (9pm).  I have gotten A LOT done too though.  It's amazing what one can accomplish when there's no distractions and no one needing attention.

I got a few pendant orders in the last two days, some requiring custom pieces made.  So, I've been working on those and making some pendants for upcoming craft shows this fall as well.  I really need to pick up the pace if I'm going to get everything done on time.  I also made a few ceramic magnets for the frig (or wherever) that I thought turned out to be really beautiful!  If you want to take a look, I posted about them over at the Blu Mudd Blog.

I'm still waiting for the last Traveling Doll to arrive.  She's 6 weeks late!  I'll be glad when this is over to tell you the truth.  It has been such a hard time just trying to get the next doll!  I don't think I'll be participating again in the future.  Although, I am toying around with the idea of organizing a little doll round robin of my own here on my blog this fall/winter.  I think I'll make groups of 4 (instead of 6) and have each person keep the doll only 3 weeks (instead of 6) each round.  I'll also be throwing out the whole sending a journal along thing as I truly hated that process!  Anyway, if you're interested in playing along, keep your eyes peeled for that post.

Now I'm off to glaze some more pendants before I pass out from sitting still too long.  :)  I'm either really exhausted or am developing Mad Cow Disease.  LOL



sassypackrat said...

I seriously doubt the mad cow thing. That doll round robin sounds fun. I look forward to seeing what you do.

Sassy Marsha said...

The doll round robin sounds good although end of the year can be very busy . . .

LOL, Moriah, I'm up at 4:30, 5:00 a.m. (weekends 6:00 is sleeping in) and bedtime is generall 9:00, 9:30 :)

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Lol.. love that pic, that is how I feel this week!
I used to be up at 3:00am every morning until I took early retirement... now I sleep in until 7 or 8 am .. I love it!

The fridge magnets are wonderful!

I have never participated in a round robin, but it sounds like fun!

Wishing you a great weekend!


Mary Ann Tate said...

The round robin sounds fun but I live in Canada so maybe not:(...the journal thingy didn't appeal to me either.