Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Huge Studio Purge!!!!

I have decided to purge the truck load of stuff that I keep holding onto for no good reason and lighten my load.  It's been a 4 day process so far and I'm still not done but I thought I'd do a little video and show you what's going on here and give you a sneak peek of all of the awesome art and doll supplies that I'll be listing on ebay over the next week or so.  I forgot to mention doll eyes in the video and I'm sure I forgot several other things but trust me, it's a ton of stuff!

I can't tell you how much better I feel in this space already!  It's so freeing to rid yourself of stuff.  I spent 4 years collecting as many supplies as I could get my hands on.  Why?  I have no clue.  Everything I bought was at rock bottom prices and I think I loved the thrill of it.  There was no way I could ever use up all of the stuff I had in here.  Even if I created dolls, miniatures, paintings and ceramics every day, 18 hours a day, I wouldn't even put a dent in it.  So, enough is enough!  I have kept what I believe I will actually use and only the things I absolutely love working with.  So much more manageable!

Anyway... enough of my rambling... check out the video!  If the video below doesn't show up on your end, here's the link:



yoborobo said...

You have been a busy girl. :) You studio is great! I have much envy - lol! Congrats on getting it all organized, and for the 'purge'! xo Pam

Regina said...

Busy Busy woman...LOL!!! You have so many goodies and I need to close this post before all the drool shorts out my keyboard. ^_^

I hope that you will post a link to your ebay auction when you get all these wonderful treasures up.

Now I need to go see how much money I can find...where's that pickle jar?


sassypackrat said...

Wow you got so much done! And look at all the space you have now! I'll drop in to check out your auctions once they are up. ;0)

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Holy Cow Moriah!!!! Look at all that great stuff!!! I LOVE STUFF, it's an artists/crafter's dream :)

I know by looking at how nicely packaged and all the different goodies that you worked your tale off.

I love the large creative space you have :)