Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Studio Has Changed A Lot!

This studio has changed and been rearranged and furniture swapped out for different furniture so many times that my head is spinning just thinking about it.  This is what it looked like shortly after moving into this house in 2008:

The little notations were what I wanted to do with it then.

Then in 2009 I got some new to me furniture and swapped the older for the newer and the studio looked like this:

It stayed pretty much like this for awhile.  I moved stuff around a bit here and there but for the most part it kinds stayed this way.  Then this winter I acquired new desks and added shelving to the wall and more furniture and more stuff and more supplies and more, more, more until I felt like the walls were closing in on me and I couldn't stand it anymore.  

I was no longer happy being in this room.  I was overwhelmed.  I couldn't have used all of the supplies I had acquired in 3 lifetimes and the guilt of having it all, spending money on it and not using it was driving me insane.  So, I decided it had to stop.  Something had to give.  So started going through EVERY SINGLE THING I had in this room and decided if I really needed it or not and how likely it was that I would actually use it anytime soon.  Then I started bagging up everything to sell on ebay and my studio looked like a tornado had blasted right through it!

I swear... I didn't think it would take as long as it did to go through everything and take out the unwanted furniture.  I really believed I could knock it out in a weekend.  Boy was I wrong!  Four days later.... I finally finished.  Well, as much as I can finish until I get everything sold and shipped out on ebay.  But, it's so much better in here!  I'm happy to be in here again and my creative flow is at raging river status!  Can you believe that disaster above now looks like this?????::

The shelves under the breakfast bar are holding ebay stuff at the moment and so is the cabinet with 2 doors.  Once I get everything shipped out, the cabinet will go to the garage and the shelves will house some of the stuff you see sitting on the floor by the glass doors and stuff on the file cabinet.  BUT, It won't be too much longer until it's all out of here so I can deal for a little while.

Thank goodness that mess is over!  Now it's time to kick back and enjoy the space.  :)  Oh, wait, that's right.... no time to rest.  I have to start taking a million photos and writing a million descriptions for ebay.  Sigh..... a woman's work is never done.  :)



Diane said...

Oh Wow--you are an inspiration--seriously! I watched your video and am patiently waiting for you to list them on Ebay. I need to add more stuff to my artroom

Sherry Edwards said...

Wow - what a fantastic transformation Moira! Love all the shelves. A lot of work, but well worth it. Will you let us have a link to your Ebay so we can see what goodies you're selling?

LOL at your cat at the door looking in - miaowwwww xx

~Madalynne~ said...

Wow! You got a lot done in four days ~ it takes me that long to clean out a closet ~ LOL.

Clutter sure can put a damper on creativity. Looks like a great space to work in now.

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Moriah your studio looks fantastic! I still cant get over the space you have..
My studio is a small room that is hard for me to figure out storage wise, but I am very thankful for it.
Shelves, I think is the solution :)

Love your kitty peeking through the window :)


sassypackrat said...

Looks great Moriah! So spacious! I know all about the walls closing in on you. I did a big purge recently and feel so much better. I hope you continue to be happy in this newly organized space. ;0)