Thursday, September 29, 2011

On My Worktable Today...

.....Pendant Racks.

I want to be able to get the most out of the space inside my kiln without blocking air flow so I came up with a few ideas and settled on this one.  I took the concept of the Bead Tree (as seen below)

And changed it to meet my needs with pendants.  So, I made them so they laid on their sides and designed it so that I will use three per row, making 2 rows of pendants per level.

Then I'll stack three more on top going the other direction and the three more, etc until I have filled the kiln.  I made sure to make the notches deep enough so that the next stack wouldn't touch the top of the pendants.  I'm pretty happy with the design so far.  These are still drying.  I have to fire them before I can test them but I'm pretty confident they'll work as I planned.  Using this design in my Medium kiln, I should be able to get 7 pendants on each row and have 14 rows per level.  This will allow me to do 98 pendants per level.

I don't know how many levels I'll have yet, haven't figured that part out yet.  However, I'm thinking I should be able to do between 500 and 700 pendants per load this way.  That will be a huge help getting ready for all of these shows coming up!  I ran out of the clay body I was using to make these.  I need to run to St. Petersburg to get some more soon.  I like using this one because it has a ton of chunky grog in it which will make them really strong and stable.  I can't use the clay I use for pendants because that clay is super smooth and fine.  Thank goodness we have a great ceramic supply store in the area.  I;d hate to have to pay shipping on 25lbs of clay!

ANYWAY.....  that's what I'm up to today, what are you doing?


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~Madalynne~ said...

Well, well . . . aren't you the clever one :) You're really putting that kiln to work!