Saturday, September 17, 2011

Playing With Glazes is FUNNN

I experimented with different colors of underglaze under the olive glaze I'm so in love with at the moment and got some really great results.  I also made a few more of the bright colored pendants on white.  I just added all of these to my ETSY SHOP.


sassypackrat said...

So pretty!

Kaerie Faerie said...

you are becoming a master at clay, kiln, sculpture, trying to catch up
lovely work
Happy weekend

Georgina said...

I'm so jealous!! Wish I could play with clay, glazes and kilns again!! What brand of glazes are you using or are you making them from scratch...making it sound like your baking something!! LOL I used to hate making them when I was in college...hated having to wear a respirator when measuring and mixing...yuck!!

Anyway, they are just adorable and I just love the designs. Have a great weekend.


vfg said...

Glazes self-mixed? Trying to find a good cone 5/6 celadon & love the first color...

MLBetterly said...

vfg~ No. I use manufactured brush on glazes. The first pendant is glazed with a transparent turquoise glaze from the Amaco LG line. It truly is beautiful. It's a low fire glaze but I took it to cone 5 and it performed beautifully.

Marie golek said...

hey ! it's so pretty :) I like & U have good blog !!