Thursday, October 27, 2011

Have You Seen The Price of Furniture Lately?

Kiln furniture that is.  Good grief that stuff is expensive!

When making pots, all you really need are a few kiln posts and shelves.  When making pendants that are glazed on both sides, that method is completely useless.

In the very beginning I was looking a bead trees like these:

These would have worked but they are pretty pricey.  Like $35 per set of 2 trees pricey!  Are you kidding me?
I refused to pay $300 for bead trees so I started looking for an alternative.  I came across photos on Flickr of people using the smaller kiln posts and just stacking them and I thought, "Brilliant!"....

But it wasn't really as brilliant as I thought because it was difficult to stack some of them where the pendant wouldn't touch the little kiln posts.  I guess this method works well with beads but not so much for my pendants.  I was losing it trying to figure out how to use the space in my kiln the most effectively.  Grrrr...

So, rather than spend a fortune on kiln furniture, I decided to make my own.  I made 6 to start with which fills half of my medium kiln.

They are stacked when in use.  Three on the bottom, then filled with pendants and then 3 more stacked on top going the opposite direction.  AWESOME!

So, tonight I made 6 more so that I can fill the whole kiln with pendants each time I fire.  Don't you just love it when things come together?  I sure do!  Oh and cost?  $15.00 for the 6 I've made so far.  Not too shabby, eh?

Now it's time to unload the kiln and see how the pendant and earring sets turned out.....


Daydream Retreat said...

Very resourceful, you could probably sell these!

Kristine Dow said...

Could you share with us newbies what materials you used to create these stands? Meaning, the wire and what kind of clay? I am playing with porcelain and I like to fire it at cone 6. What will hold up to these high temps?

Thanks for your expertise!