Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stamp Carving

I have a lot of stamps.  The problem is, they're commercial stamps.  I want some stamps that are my own designs but they have to have deeper grooves than commercial stamps do.  So, I decided I'd do two different kinds for now.  I started on the first type tonight.

I went to our local Dollar Tree store to buy some erasers.  Much to my delight, I spotted these huge erasers...

They were angled to a point on the ends but I used a razor blade and cut them off.  Then I cut them into three pieces.  I bought ten of these erasers so I'll actually end up with 60 stamps because they're thick enough that I can carve both sides!  I may even carve some of them on the edges too.  So I think $10 for 60+ stamps is a great deal!

I used to have a tool by Speedball for carving stamps but I couldn't find it anywhere and was quite annoyed that here I was, all ready to start this project and was missing the key component!  Grrrrrrr.  I started looking around my studio for something else I could use and saw my wood carving tools.  Perfect!  I grabbed 4 of them and sat down to carve.  I wanted to make a bunch of abstract kind of patterns and wanted them cut sort of deep because I plan to use these with clay.

I had to keep in mind what would be raised and what would be concave.  I also realize that all of the tool marks are going to show in the clay and I'm actually really liking that idea.  If I were just using these for ink, that wouldn't be a consideration.  I think it will actually add to the design.

Anyway, I'm heading to the garage to bisque fire another load of pendants but I wanted to share what I was up to today.  I've carved 14 two-sided stamps so far.  I can't wait to try them in the clay tomorrow!

Have a great week everyone!


Sherry Edwards said...

What a great idea - and such a money saving one too! Love the look of the ones you've finished so far - look forward to seeing more!

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Great idea Moriah!!!
I am So Excited to see you Exclusive designs!!!!!

Great deal for you too, on those erasers ;)

Have a good Sunday !


yoborobo said...

You are so smart. I would have looked at those and said, "Who needs erasers that are this big?" lol!! Can't wait to see how the patterns work with your clay. :) xo

sassypackrat said...

Aren't you the clever one? Creating your own original designs that no one else will have. Brilliant!

Daydream Retreat said...

Very cool! Love the eraser idea and how lucky to find huge ones for so cheap!