Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our First Art and Craft Show

Hellllllllllo everyone!

I am extremely sleep deprived and exhausted but I'm going to attempt to create a logical post in spite of it.  :)

We attended our very first art and craft show today.  I was so wired yesterday trying to get a million last minute things done and trying to make sure that I didn't forget anything that I didn't get to bed until 12:30pm and couldn't fall asleep until sometime around 3am. I hate that.  Then I was back up again just 2 hours later to shower and hit the road for our 6am set up time.  0_0.

We got there and set up.  We fumbled with the tent for a few minutes but then remembered how it went up.  The set up was pretty painless and took us about 2 hours because we had to add eye hooks to the top of the displays and make last minute adjustments.

The show started at 9am and within 15 minutes of the show open, we had our first sale... WHOO HOO!!

We got a lot of awesome feedback about the pendants, some even going on and on about them which just made my heart sing!  All of our customers were awesome & I enjoyed talking to everyone too.

There was a DJ right behind us playing Christmas music that we would chat a bit with here and there.  He and his wife were really cool people and they must have felt the same about us because he frequently went over the speakers telling everyone to visit our tent and his wife also purchased a pendant from us.  As a thank you for all of the free publicity he gave us, we gave him a free pendant with an upgraded suede necklace.  It was the least we could do for such an awesome guy.  :)

How I managed to look alive today I'll never know.  Right now it's very hard to focus and my body is begging me to go to sleep.  I'm trying to push through until at least 9pm before going to sleep though so I'm not up again at 3 am.  I saw this picture that my husband took of me and my youngest daughter and I said, "WHOA!  That doesn't even look like me!"  I can really see how haggard I really was/am.  I wonder if our customers thought I was a zombie... lol

We did pretty well today and I'm now over the nervousness about doing shows.  I also made note of things I want to do differently next time (like get more than 2 hours of sleep).  Now that this show is over and I have enough pendants to keep on stock, I can focus a bit on creating some gifts for Christmas for family members that I have floating around in my head and I want to make a lot more sculpted pendants too.  BUT FIRST, I'm taking a day or so off and doing nothing but kicking my feet up and taking a breather.  I think I've earned it after making and packaging 1300 pendants!  :)

Okay, I'm getting delirious, better get off of here and slip into something more comfortable (sweats and a t-shirt - sexy huh?).

Goodnight peeps!


Wilton Art said...

That is so great Moriah! I am so happy for you! Yeah!!!! You go girlfriend, never quit.

Diane said...

Congratulations Moriah! I remember my first show--very scary for me, and you're right--every time you do a show, you'll learn something new about them.
Your booth looks awesome too! Love those outdoor shows--it's too cold for that here.
I have one in December and then a much-needed rest time.
P.S. Love all of your work!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Woo Hoo Moriah!! So glad everything went so well!!! Your set up looks amazing! You did a really good job of branding it al! I know it's all such hard work but it's always worth it! We met people when we did shows that became like family, because we saw them so often :o) That's so cool that the dj would announce your booth! Doesn't get much better than that!! Hope you got a good nights sleep :o)) I'm so happy for you!! xo

Healing Woman said...

Moriah, I'm a show veteran of 30 years. I traveled with 2 different groups up and down the east coast and believe me, you will be hooked on them. I hope you made a lot of money at your first show! Congratulations, your booth looked super.

~Madalynne~ said...

Way to go girl! I did shows for about 10 years or so ~ I really miss the people we used to connect with now that we don't do them anymore. I'm glad you had a positive experience ~ it can be a tricky business.

yoborobo said...

Yay! That's wonderful! Now rest up and be a complete slug. :) Congrats on a job well done! xo Pam

Mary Ann said...

Your booth looks great:) I used to love doing craft shows, meeting people and getting feedback. Lots of fun.

Sherry Edwards said...

Hope you got some lovely sleep Moriah! Your tent looked great and I love the sign - that must also have attracted a lot of people. So glad you had a great time with lots of sales - it sounded like a lot of fun with the DJ nearby.

You definitely do NOT look like a zombie - the photo of you and your daughter is lovely. Now if you want to see what a zombie looks like, I'll have to show you a photo of me on a good day!!! lol

Cherry Pie said...

Sorry if you get this twice but google acted up on me and I don't know if it went through or not.

I was saying that your booth looked great and I hope you had great sales too. It was such a perfect day with the best weather for outdoor strolling.
Wish I could visit too...

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Congratulations Moriah on your Show!!!!