Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inspiration is All Around You

It has been unseasonably warm (hotter than you know what) here in Florida.  I spent the week of Christmas in front of a fan in humid 84 degree weather.  The weatherman stated it was the warmest Christmas in Tampa Bay.... ever.  EVER.  I believe it.  It made it absolutely impossible for me to get into the Christmas Spirit.  Of course the head cold I got 2 days before Christmas didn't help much either.  Christmas came and went.  I slept most of the day.  I was up long enough to see the kids open their gifts while we Skyped with my mom in Ohio.  My husband's sister came over for a bit too.  By the time she arrived, I was lying on the couch with tissues shoved up my nostrils.  :)  Once she left for work I left for the bedroom and didn't come out much thereafter.  The medicine I was taking for the head cold just knocked me out.


What has been nice about the warmer than usual weather is that I took a little trip to the beach with my daughters and my husband in search of inspiration for some pendants.  We all formed a line and walked the beach looking for things that would be awesome molded or that had a nice texture.  Honeymoon Island is perfect for this and it's pretty easy on the eyes too.  :)

We gathered up a small bag full of things and headed back home for some lunch.

Today, I pulled out the stuff we had gathered and made molds of some it.  Here are the items, the molds I made from them and the raw clay pendants:

This one was a really big shell that had pretty deep grooves.  It looks pretty boring at the moment but I'm hoping the grooves will really pool some glaze in them and make a nice effect.

Another shell but this one had some spikey dots along the grooves.

I really liked the swirl design of this piece of a shell.  The mold worked beautifully.

Barnacles anyone?  These were on a huge clam shell.  One of the barnacles popped off when I pulled the molding material off.  Oops. 

This mold was taken from the same clam shell as the barnacles.  I think it might look pretty interesting when glazed.

A little sea shell.

We found half of a sea urchin and I loved the spiny texture.

Last, but not least, is this rock that has tons of craters inside.  I didn't mold this piece.  I just smooshed the clay right onto it.  The pendant reminds me of the moon.

I'm hoping to get these bisque fired tomorrow and glazed by the end of the week.  Stay tuned....



Kay said...

such great ideas..I can't wait to see them glazed

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Happy New year Moriah!!

We have had record breaking warm temps too. Now, since i live where it gets very cold, I'm loving this warmer

The inspiration you have found is wonderful!!! Love all the cool natural designs from the ocean.

Hope your feeling better :)


Sue said...

You live in such a beautiful place! Whenever I visit my sis in Vancouver, I love to walk along the shore and beach comb for treasures.

Your finds are wonderful - looking forward to seeing some finished pendants