Friday, January 20, 2012

Carnival Poster Tutorial

I spent quite a few hours over the last two days working on some Carnival posters for my daughter's birthday.  I posted them up on Facebook as I finished each one and then thought it might be fun to show you just how easy they are to make in case you were in need of some posters or party decorations yourself.

I started with a big piece of brown kraft paper.  You don't have to use that though.  Poster board, several sheets of construction paper that's been taped together, an old sheet, anything will do.

Then I printed out some coloring book pages from the internet that had a carnival themed image.  I decided to make 5 posters but for this tutorial, we'll just be focusing on this image:

The next thing you're going to need is a projector.  What if you don't have a projector, you ask?  Well, there's a couple things you can do if you don't own a projector.
1.  Go buy one.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby about 5 years ago.  I used a coupon and only paid about $30 for it.
2.  Ask your local library if you can borrow theirs.  Sometimes (depending on your library) they will allow you to use theirs as long as you use it at the library.  In this case, you could take your paper and a marker to the library, transfer the image using their projector and then go home and paint it.  You can also ask your child's school if you can use one of theirs.
3.  You can freehand draw the image onto your surface.

Here's the projector I used:

and here's one of the places you can buy it from:

Okay, so assuming you're using a projector, you print your image small enough to fit under the projector.  In my case, I made the image 4 inches by 4 inches.  Next I set up my projector so that it would make the image on the wall the size I needed and then I hung my BIG piece of brown paper on the wall.

I grabbed a sharpie marker and traced the lines from the projector onto the paper.  Once I was finished I decided what words I wanted on the poster and wrote those in too.

Now it was time to paint!  I broke out my craft acrylics and got started.

I painted the elephant gray and then added some purple and metallic paint too...

Don't worry about covering up your marker marks with paint, we're going to paint those lines back in later.

Next I painted in the tusk, eye and toe nails, as well as the ball.

I chose my colors for the lettering and painted those in too...

Now that everything has been painted in, it's time to paint those lines back in.  I outlined everything in black paint with a small brush.

One last step and we're done!  We have to paint back in the lines on the elephant that we covered up with paint.  We need to define his legs and add some detail to the trunk, like this...

If you're having trouble seeing the lines you painted over, just refer to your original image and use that to guide you.

And there you have it!  a Carnival poster for your child's birthday party, using things you already had around the house!

Here are the other ones I made too:

The party is tomorrow and I plan on taking lots of pictures of the set up so be sure to check back and see how these posters looked out in the backyard, at the party!

Go forth and make posters!



Sue said...

Wish my girls were still little - I love this idea! The posters look fabulous and will definitely add to the whole theme of the party. Your daughter and her friends will be talking about this for quite a while!

Have fun!

MLBetterly said...
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