Monday, January 2, 2012

Cats Are Aliens

We have four cats.  The reason that we have four cats is that we DO NOT want five. :)

When my husband and I married, he already had two cats (the white ones) and then I added on Jinxie and Sophie thereafter.

Swish, the star of the video below, is the oldest (9 years old) and is deaf.  By accident, we discovered that he has a fetish.  My sister-in-law had brought over a small bag of tennis balls for me to experiment with (crafting) awhile back and one had rolled out onto the floor of my studio.  Swish immediately ran over to the ball and began playing with it and licking it to death.  We cracked up.

So anyway, yesterday, we were all doing our various chores, trying to clean up all of the mess from New Year's Eve, when we found a stray tennis ball under the couch.  I grabbed my camera and we showed Swish the ball....... Proof that cats truly are aliens from another planet.  Enjoy!

(Here's the link for those of you that cannot see the embedded view in your readers:


Mr. Macabre said...

I'm loving the 'rabbit kick' Swish does on the ball.

You sure that ball isn't laced with catnip?

Sherry Edwards said...

How funny Moriah! Our cat used to love playing with a drinking straw too - love the funny little kicks and how the other cats are prowling around but know they can't have the ball!

I've just seen your previous post - wow, it must be beautiful living where you do and your finds turned out wonderful.

Hope you're feeling better now - and a Happy New Year to you x

sassypackrat said...

Cats are so funny! They do the silliest things with ordinary objects and have such fun doing it.

Mary Ann said...

Cats are all crazy:)......I am endlessly entertained by my two furbabies.

Sue said...

LOL...this is so funny and those kicks! Hilarious! Our cat reacts similarly to used washcloths left on the side of the tub. She drags them off, rubs her face on them, hugs them to her and kicks at them.

Aliens? Yep, I agree!