Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

Hello beautiful people!

Man oh man have I been B-U-S-Y!  My youngest daughter is turning 10 next weekend.  DOUBLE DIGITS!  She's so excited.  Anyway, I have been working day and night to prepare for her b-day party.  We're going with a Carnival theme.  I made up some sweet little invitations in Photoshop.  They were Admit One tickets.  :)  I wish I had snapped a shot before I handed them off to my daughter to give out, DOH!

I have been cutting things out that I have printed either from the internet or my own design for days.  I actually have a blister on one of my fingers from it.  Thank goodness for the internet!  So many free resources out there for people planning a party on a budget.  I was able to get templates for making cupcake toppers and cupcake sleeves, pinwheels, mustache straws, popcorn boxes, popcorn bag tags, you name it.

I also bought some stuff at the Dollar Tree and iParty too.  I tried to make as many things as I possibly could with what I had around the studio.  I still have to make Carnival posters, tissue paper pom poms, table garlands, cotton candy bag tags, a label for the "Guess How Many M&Ms are in this Jar" game.  I have to paint some wooden eggs for the egg relay race (much cleaner than dealing with real eggs) too.  Oh yeah, almost forgot, I need to print up some tickets for the kiddos to write their guesses on for the M&M deal-e-o.

Whew, I need a

I also went to my favorite junk shop on half price day and picked up some striped and colorful sheets to use as backdrops and some candle sticks and plates to make cupcake stands in varying heights.  I also picked up two King size pillow cases that have a thatch design on them to use as potato sacks for the potato sack race.  Sweet!

We'll be serving up cupcakes, corn dogs, caramel apples, and popcorn.  You know, Carnival treats.

I don't know who is more excited about this party... me or my daughter.  I have been staying up late every night working on this stuff in hopes of having it all done by Thursday.  I've been enjoying every bit of it (except the blister, OUCH!)  I'll be taking LOTS of photos before the mess makers party guests arrive and during the party too, of course.  I'll definitely share some of them here so I can show off all of my hard work.

On the business front, I completed two commissions this week.  The first one was for a great Facebook friend who wanted a cross with a Rose of Sharon on it and then glazed in the burgundy and olive green combo glaze.  I tried two other designs before I did this one.  This one turned out AWESOME!  I was so proud.

The buyer was super happy with the photo I sent her and can't wait to receive it.  (It's on it's way, Sherry!)

The other commissioned piece I created was for another Facebook friend who wanted the same design she had bought from me before but in a different glaze.  The first one she bought was in a denim glaze.  She bought it for a friend and liked it so much that she was contemplating keeping it for  Instead, she decided to order one for herself.  Here's how her pendant turned out...

I love how the blue turned out, so pretty!  Thanks, Laura!  It's in route!

I also made a few more pendants to add to my ETSY SHOP.

These were inspired by Valentine's Day...

These were inspired by things I gathered with my daughter at the park by her school one day....

Locust Berry Pendants:

Rouge Berries:

and a fern leaf: (SOLD THANK YOU)

Then I played around with a few designs I had laying around.  I really like this geometric design...


And then just some random designs.  I'm loving that blue and green!

And that about wraps it up.  I need to drag my rear to bed, I'm exhausted.  Have a great weekend everyone!



b.b.flockling * Rose said...

WOW have welcomed the new year in with a blast of creativity that has inspired me all the way over here. Every piece is fantastic work!! I especially love the way you interpreted the Rose of Sharon on the Cross!

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Moriah, sounds like a fantastic party! I cant wait to see pics :)

As always, I'm loving all your pendants:)


Sue said...

Your daughter and her friends are going to have a fabulous time at her party Moriah! It will also be one that will stay in her memory as something extra special that her mom did for her.

Love your new pendants...the cross is divine!


yoborobo said...

That birthday sounds absolutely fantastic! I wanna come! :) Take lots of pics. I love the new necklaces (the berries are very cute!). Have fun at the party! xoxo

Healing Woman said...

What a wonderful upcoming party! That table, with all the craft items ready to be created, looks so inviting. The girls will have a time to remember.