Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Surprise

I don't do much for Valentine's Day.  I give my husband a card and he gives me a card or flowers.  I don't really see the point of doing much more than just acknowledging the day because I don't need Valentine's Day to hear I'm loved.  My husband shows me his love all year.

Having said that, I was looking through Pinterest (the newest time sucker in my life) and saw all of these really cute Valentine's Day decorations and such.  Then it hit me.  My mother hasn't received anything on Valentine's Day in more than 21 years!  That made me sad.

You see, my father died in 1991 from colon cancer.  He was sick, really sick, for about 2 years before he passed so I'm sure Valentine's Day celebration was not really high on their list of priorities in those last few years.  My mom never re-married after my father passed.  She never even dated anyone.  So, it has been a REALLY long time since she has received anything for Valentine's Day and I decided that I was going to change that.  So, I set about thinking of what I could do for her and I came up with making her a dress form.  A little one, you know, for decoration in her bedroom.  I had a bunch of fabric and lace and trims and such laying around here so I knew I could come up with something without having to spend a single penny.

I dug through all of my wood pieces and grabbed a round plaque and a stool leg and glued them together to make a base.  Then I used one of my patterns for a doll body and adapted it to make the dress form body.  I picked fabric that would go nicely in her room.  The rest just came easily.  A little of this here and a little of that there and a bit of crackle and a gorgeous pink bird and blam!  I was/am so stinking proud of it.

Then, I saw this video on Youtube:

I knew this would be so cute to make for my mom as well, but I changed it up a bit.  Instead of making it out of paper, I cut the pattern out of card stock and then covered it in fabric and added all of my details, then I attached it to a 5" X 5" canvas I had already painted off white and crackled.  I added a few embellishments and loved how it turned out..... sorry for the crappy indoor at night photo.....

My mom likes that shabby chic look so I thought she'd love these.  As most of you know, my mom lives 1,000 miles away from me so I had to ship these to her.  I decided to send them to her at work rather than risk having the box stolen from her front porch while she was at work.  I got in touch with one of her co-workers and asked her to intercept the package and to call me when she gave the box to my mom so I could hear my mom's reaction to them.  Unfortunately, my mom is a bit stubborn and refused to wait until I called back to open the box and dug into it before I could be on the phone with her.  Grrrrrrr.  I guess I now know where I get my impatience from!  lol  It actually turned out better this way because my mom's co-worker snapped pictures of my mom opening everything instead and emailed them to me, THANK YOU, BILLIE!

So, now I can show you too!  I love the smile on her face when she's looking at the dress form.  Made my day!  (Update:  My mom read this post and emailed me.  She said, "I'm glad you love the look on my face, I think I look drunk."  LOL  Cracked me up!)

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, MOM!!!  I love you very much!



Mary Ann said...

This is such a lovely post and I love your gifts for your mum...lovely.

I stole your video for my blog too:) Loved it.

Karin said...

What a lovely person you are to do this for your Mother.
I joined your followers today to watch your smashing blog.
Thank you so much for the crackle tutorial. I am going to have a go myself. When I have done it I will post it on my blog and give you the credits for the tutorial!

Love Karin x