Saturday, April 7, 2012

'Lil Birdee Returns Home

At the risk of embarrassing the person involved, I have to share something with all of you. Everyday, on FB and other social platforms, I see lots of negative stuff. This person wronged me and that person is a creep and this sucks and that ... etc etc etc. BUT, every once in awhile, something so amazingly positive happens and I think it should be screamed from the rooftops. This is one of those things...

Awhile back I posted about an awesome buyer being kind enough to offer to send back the 'Lil Birdee doll to me so that I could send it in to ADQ to be photographed for publishing. I was overwhelmed by her trust and her eager willingness to do whatever she could to help me. I asked many of you to stop by her FB page and send her some love and many of you did.  Thank you for that.

Yesterday, I received 'Lil Birdee back from ADQ and contacted Kate to let her know that he had arrived, safe and sound, and asked her for her mailing address so that I could get him in the mail, back to her, right away. I was not expecting, nor was I prepared for, the response I received......

"I am so happy for you that your art will be published. That must be an amazing feeling. It must have been just as special to have Lil Birdee back home safe and sound. I’d like for you to keep him. He is your first published piece, and should remain with you and your family forever. Please don’t argue with me. I really do insist. It was a thrill for me to have been his caretaker while fame was waiting for you both. And I will always be thankful to have had him for the time that I did. But, as they say, he spread his wings for a few years and flew back home where he belongs. Thank you Moriah for letting Lil Birdee warm my heart during his bi time adventures.

Hugs to you and a kiss for Lil Birdee, too.


I have agreed to keep him, but not without creating something special for her to take his place. I am overwhelmed and truly believe she must be an angel on Earth.

With so much negativity all around us and so many people trying to do us harm, Kathleen Stacey Sacco (Kate), has reminded me that there are a lot of really positive, good and loving people out there too. Kate is the best example I know.

Thank you, Kate, from the bottom of my heart! You have a forever friend in me and will always have a very special place in my heart. ♥

Go do something nice for someone today.  Just because you can.  Let Kate be your inspiration.  I know she'll be mine for quite some time.



yoborobo said...

YAY, Kate! That is such a nice thing to do! I have found some of THE nicest people here in Blog World, and through my shop on Etsy. Let's hear it for the good guys! :)) xox

Sharne's Bits 'n' Bobs said...

What a very kind person Kate is. Makes your heart smile to hear of stories like this.

Mary Ann said...

Wow...Kate is a star that's for sure:)

I have to agree. I have found and made some wonderful friends through blogging. There are a lot of very good people out there.

pussman said...

pretty bird!