Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Gift From A Dear Friend That Made Me Cry

Jennifer Tobicoe of Sassy Pack Rat Studios and I decided to swap dolls with one another.  Each of us were to make a doll for the other in the Fall/ Autumn theme.  Jennifer and I met online a few years back and have become really good friends since.  She's a very talented graphic artist as well as a very talented dollmaker.  Her attention to detail as well as her skills with felt are amazing!  To think that she didn't feel like an ARTIST until lately just makes me want to shake her.  ANYWAY.... lol

Today I received her package (even though I haven't finished her doll yet) and I can't wait to share what was inside with all of you.

Ta Da!!!!!

Isn't she awesome????

That cute little tam hat and all of the tiny little stitches on her little capelet and the same on her little messenger bag.  Oh and the little doll she's holding too.  How adorable is that?  I LOVE that Jen gave her striped leggings.  Does this chick know me or what?  AND the Ugg boots.  Absolutely amazing from head to toe.  I don't know of you can tell in the photo but her eyes and lips are stitches.  LOTS of stitches to make them.  LOVE THIS DOLL!

This little cutie is a smaller version of a pumpkin girl doll Jen had made a while back that I just adored.  I can't believe she remembered that and made a wee one just for me!

Can you believe how neatly all of these tiny little stitches were done?  Amazing!  This messenger bag is just too cute!

The front and back of her little capelet.  More tiny stitches and tiny little leaves.  Her attention to detail is very impressive.

I truly LOVE this little Tam hat!  So stinking cute!

Now here's the part that got the tears flowing.....

This little magazine was tucked inside the little messenger bag.  The cover is a scan of the cover of one of the magazines my work was published in this past year.  I thought, awwww, how cute!  Then I opened it and my eyes filled with tears.

Each page inside is a scanned page of every doll I've had published to date.  Jen knows how happy I was to finally get published and it touched my heart that she made this wee little nod at that accomplishment.  

That's my little Pink Elf holding a teddy bear and my 'Lil Birdee doll too....

AND my Wednesday and 'Lil Bugger dolls.  <3

Jen even threw in one of her adorable little felt owl ornaments for my tree.  We share a love for owls and I was so thrilled to have another handmade ornament to add to our "HANDMADE ONLY" tree. 

I have met so many wonderful people online.  I've made so many connections that I never would have been able to without the internet.  Jennifer is a friend I will have for life.  She's supportive and kind.  Generous and caring.  I'm truly blessed to have her in my life and I will cherish this doll forever.  Thank you so much, Jen.  You truly touched my heart!  Now I better get crackin' so I can finish yours! <3

Oh, and please, please, please check out Jen's Etsy Store and Jen's Blog too!

In case I'm not around again before Christmas, I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and I hope that the new year brings love, happiness and much success to you and your family.



Penny said...

Amazing!!! What a wonderful treasure - both the doll and especially the friendship. This is a gift that reflects the true meaning of this season.

sassypackrat said...

Oh now you've brought me to tears! I'm so very happy you like the doll. The photos you took are wonderful. It's been too gray and icky for me to get good ones before I sent her out. I may have to grab some from you.

We first met in an online swap (4-5? years ago?) and I've so enjoyed seeing the progression of your work. It's encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and do more. Your support of me and my art means the world to me. I'm so very pleased to be able to do this swap with you.

Deborah said...

I can certainly understand why you would be in tears over this doll, Moriah. It's a beauty!! And that little book that she made of your published works....are you kidding? Kudos.

Happy Holidays to you, your family and your friends, Moriah. xoxoxox