Monday, December 2, 2013

Feeling Very Jolly This Year

This year I just can't get enough "Christmas".  We bought a new tree this year and we hung lights on the outside for the first time ever.  I made a new tree skirt and have been busy making lots of Christmas gifts and custom orders in the studio.  Christmas music is always playing in the background and I just can't seem to get enough of it all.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Art Charm Swap Reveal and Blog Hop

Recently I participated in an Art Charm Swap!  There were about 40 of us that participated.  Each of us were to create 10 charms and add an extra one to be auctioned off to benefit the Beads of Courage.  In return, we received 10 charms from other artists.  The charms were to be our interpretation of "Love".

These are the charms I made:

I LOVE butterflies and Spring.  SO for my charms, I decided to make butterflies over a Love Letter script design.  Each one is sculpted in porcelain clay and then bisque fired in the kiln.  I then applied two coats of glaze, using a brush and then fired them in the kiln again to 2200 degrees f.  The result is a sturdy, durable little art charm.  If you'd like to get your hands on one of these, you can head over to the Beads of Courage Auctions and bid on one there.  While you're there, check out all of the other awesome charms up for grabs!  You can also find more colors on the Blu Mudd Website.

Now....are you ready to see the charms I received???  Here we go!

By: Ginger B.

By: Tori Sophia

By: Carolyn Chenault

By:  Cassi Paslick

Sent by: Toltec Jewels
Made by: Kristi Bowman

Sent by: Toltec Jewels
Made By:  Marlene Cupo

Sent By:  Toltec Jewels
Made by: Olla Podria

Made By: Emma Todd

Made by: Linda Haskell

Made by: Alenka Obid

Made by: Monique Urquhart

I would tell you which one is my favorite but it changes every time I look at them.  I love them all!  This is just a sampling of all of the charms that were created and swapped.  If you'd like to see them all, make sure you check out the auctions and also, you can hop along with us and visit the blogs of all of the artists to see what they created and what they received in the swap too.  I'm off to the auctions, but first, here's a list of all of the blogs that you can hop to!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Vanessa Gilkes: 
Caroline Dewison: 
Alicia Marinache: 
Moriah Betterly: 
Karin Grosset Grange: 
Cheryl (Lee) Koopman: 
Jacqueline Carlson: 
Charlene Bausinger Jacka: 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Changed My Mind

I had decided to just stick with Facebook because most of my followers here were interested in Art Dolls and wouldn't understand the switch to ceramics. BUT, I think you guys just might like the ceramics too so I think instead of abandoning my blog I'm going to completely redesign it and keep it going. Stay tuned!  Oh yeah, I almost forgot!  Now you can shop Blu Mudd at Etsy AND at !  Now, I want to show you some new stuff you haven't seen (if you don't keep up with me on Facebook)...

Ceramic Bobby Pins

Ceramic Toggle Clasp with Hand Forged Copper Bar

Ceramic Ponytail Holder

Ceramic Bracelet Bar

Ceramic Bracelet Bar

Hand Sculpted Ceramic Bracelet Bar

Ceramic Bracelet Cuff

Ceramic Bracelet Cuff

Ceramic Bracelet Cuff

Ceramic Bracelet Cuff

Ceramic Jewelry Component Set
Pendant and Earring Dangles

Ceramic Tile Decorative Wall Hanging

Ceramic Tile Decorative Wall Hanging

Porcelain Pendant

Porcelain Beads

Porcelain Toggle Clasp with Porcelain Bar

Ceramic Jewelry Component Set
Bracelet bar, Pendant and Earring Dangles

Porcelain Pendant

Porcelain Tube Beads

If you're on Facebook, you can find Blu Mudd at We have giveaways for every 100 Likes!  You could win some Blu Mudd cash too!

Thanks for putting up with me and this blog of mine!  You guys are pretty awesome.  I'll be back soon to start redecorating and promise to post A LOT more.  Until then.... Big hugs to you!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Facebook Take Over

I seem to post everything to Facebook these days instead of on my blog. If you'd like to stay up to date with the goings on here in my studio, please head over there. You can find the links in my sidebar. :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Changes

Hi everyone!  I know it's been forever since I've been here.  I keep trying to be better at this.  Maybe I'll get there one day.

I have an excuse this time though.  I've been incredibly busy.

I have decided to focus my energy on Ceramics.  I may still make the occasional doll or miniature but for the most part I want to stick with ceramics.  It was my first love and now that I finally have all of the equipment (minus a wheel) to create ceramics again, I'm going for it!

This change meant a change in my studio as well.  My studio was crammed full of all things doll, miniature and ceramics.  You fellow doll makers can attest that the list of doll making supplies is a long one.  I was trying to cram everything into my little studio and into my life.  It was just too much and I was finding that I was completely uninspired to work on ANYTHING because of it.  Something had to give.

So, I re-did my studio and everything that wasn't ceramics or jewelry related got the axe.  Don't freak out, I didn't get rid of anything, I just boxed it up and put it in the garage so I would have it when I got an urge to crank out a doll or miniature.  Once I got all of the non-ceramics related stuff out of here, I rearranged everything and created stations for different things.  I cannot tell you how great it feels to walk in here, ready to create and to know EXACTLY where everything I need is.  Amazing.  I have also made sure to keep it neat and tidy.  Every night, before I knock off for the day, I go around to all of the stations and make sure everything is put away and cleaned up.  It feels so good to have all of this open, uncluttered space.  My muse is dancing on the ceiling in here.

Would you like a tour?  Come along and I'll show you...

We'll start here, at the slab station.  The furniture is a filing cabinet which holds all of my files and misc. office supplies like envelopes, tape, staples, extra pens, etc.  On top of the table is my slab roller.  It actually intended for printmaking but it works awesome as a slab roller which is why I snatched it up at an auction not too long ago.  If you are wondering what a slab roller is, it's like a giant pasta machine.  It rolls out clay in an even thickness.  Next to the slab roller is a stack of drywall blocks that I work on.

Stepping to the left of the slab station is my hand building station.  This is where I model sculpt and clean up clay pieces.  The paint holder is there because it's very heavy and this table is the only table in my studio strong enough to support it.  There's also a wooden rolling pin here, a hump mold, a food dehydrator that I use to dry my pendants faster in, lots of cups and cans of sculpting tools and paint brushes, some slip trailers and of course my iPad so I can watch shows while I work or listen to music.
The drawers in this table hold a bunch of stuff too.  The left door has all of my air dry clay in it, the middle drawer has a large sheet of drywall in it so I can put pieces in there to dry and the right drawer has my rubber gloves, molding materials and texture tools in it.  You can also see my mask hanging there which I use any time I have to sand clay or when I clean the canvas top of the table.  You do not want to breathe that stuff in.  Under the table are three bags of clay I'm working out of at the moment and my trash can.

Stepping to the left of the hand building station is my jewelry/crafts table.  This is where I do any painting with acrylics or jewelry making.  Pretty self explanatory.  Under the table is my lasar printer and my light table.

Moving to the next wall, right next to the jewelry/craft station is my Sales Center.  This is where my computers and my Etsy inventory is kept and where I spend more time than I'd to doing online marketing on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest as well as in some groups I belong to.  That calendar on the wall was a gift from my husband.  He had it made for me.  Each month there are pictures of me, my kids, my husband, it made me cry.  :)  The doorway you just see peeking in the left corner there is the doorway that leads to my living room and front door.

On to the next wall, just to the left of the Sales Station is this little wall, just big enough for my glazing station and drying rack.  I only glaze ceramic pieces here.  The colorful drawers next to it are full of texture tools, stamps, clay tools, etc.  I roll it over to my hand building station when I need it.  When I don't need it, it stays here.  Under the glazing station is more clay storage.  The doorway you see peeking just to the left of this station is the doorway that leads to my kitchen.

Just to the left of the doorway into the kitchen is my Library/Shipping Station/Misc Storage Area.
The stuff on the floor is a basket of styrofoam balls for my dollmaking and air dry clay play.  The drawers you see there have nothing but wood pieces in them.  The cabinet on the left has misc stuff that I didn't want to pack away and replacements of various things I use for clay like sponges, squirt bottles, slip trailers, etc.  Right next to that cabinet on the left are the sliding glass doors that lead to the lanai at the back of our house.

Yep, there's the sliding doors.  The doorway there leads to my daughters rooms, a bath room and my husband's office.  The MLB up over the sliding doors will soon be BLU MUDD instead.  :)  A few more boxes to carry to the garage but, it's pretty much done and man does that feel good!

And there you have it!  The grand tour.  Welcome to Blu Mudd Headquarters.

Besides the studio re-do, I have been creating some things.  Lots more pendants, a necklace and a handful or two of bracelets too.  If you haven't been over to Blu Mudd lately, you should get on over there because we're expanding our line.  Blu Mudd isn't just pendants anymore.  :)  There are some exciting things being planned and you don't want to miss them!  Here's a sample of the bracelets:

Whew!  Sorry for the crazy long post but that's what happens when I stay away too long.  Thank you for putting up with me.  So????  Tell me!  What have you been up to?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

29 Faces Challenge days 7, 8, 9, 10, 11......

Okay.  So it's confession time.  I have the attention span of a gnat and often get excited about something, for a day or two and then tire of it.  I know this about myself.  Why I continue to sign on for things that last longer than, oh I don't know, a day, I'll never know.  I lasted all of one week with this challenge and while I had a great time during that week, I'm kinda ready to move on.  Like I've been there and done that and now I want something new.  Pitiful, I know.  It's not that the challenge was boring.  It's not even that the participants were boring.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  So many truly amazing and talented people creating beautiful faces each day.  It's just my attention span.  So, my friends, I'm afraid I've had my fill of the 29 Faces Challenge and now I'm off on a ceramics tangent.  More about that later.

Oh yeah!  I almost forgot.  I did some tinkering with the ole blog recently.  Changed the look just a bit and am loving the new banner.  I also made it smaller or should I say... not as wide.  I noticed on an average size monitor that you have to scroll back and forth to see the whole thing and it bothered me so I changed it.  I did go back through a few pages of posts to fix image sizes to fit but I didn't go all the way back.  There may still be some posts that have pictures spilling over into the sidebars and I'm okay with that for now.  So, anyway, what do you think about the new banner?  Is the size of the blog itself easier or no?  Do tell.

I'm also making another change.  I won't be posting Work In Progress (WIP) pictures anymore.  Why?  Well, I'm as flighty with my creations as I am with challenges and some works get started and then sit around for awhile.  I start new projects all the time.  Many of them are started before others are finished.  It's just how I operate.  I always go back to them and they always get finished at some point but it can sometimes be several years before it gets finished.  So, I don't want to keep showing you things I'm working on and then you never being able to see the finished product until so much time has passed that you don't even remember having seen it in progress anyway.

One more change is coming.  Sometime this summer or more likely this fall, I will be working on tons of tutorials and workshops both in PDF and video formats that will be available for purchase.  I will also be creating quick little tutorials for free that I'll share right here on my blog so stay tuned for all of that!  I have so many ideas and will soon have the space to work to make it all happen.  You and I are going to make art together.  LOTS of it!

That's all I have for you for now.  No photos this time, so sorry.  I'll be back soon with some photos of my clay play shenanigans so don't abandon ship just yet!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

29 Faces Challenge Days 4 and 5

Hello everyone!

I missed my blog post yesterday because, well, I just wasn't feeling very creative and didn't sculpt anything.  I know, I know.  It's okay though.  I made up for it this evening.

These little ceramic tiles are for days 4 and 5.  They are sculpted in ceramic clay and measure 1" by 3".