Monday, February 4, 2013

Come, Sit, Let Me Tell You Your Fortune.

Come my dear, let me read your palms and I'll tell you your future...

I have been making miniature gypsy tables, a few of them each year, since 2006. This setting is the first for 2013!

The setting is 1:12 (1 inch = 1 foot) scale. 

The chairs have been stripped of their original finish, sanded and refinished in black. The original upholstery has been removed and completely redone in a faux black leather. I have added a corset design to the backs of the chairs with real metal eyelets and leather cording.The lace underneath was hand dyed.

The table was also stripped of it's original finish, sanded and refinished in black. The design on the tabletop is a zodiac wheel in burgundy and gold. Each of the items on top of the table were hand made by me and are permanently affixed to the table. These items include:

Fortune Teller sign and stand, Ouija Board and Planchette, 3 candles, Tarot cards, Birth Chart, Runes, crystal ball, gold filigree bowl with money inside ($20s $5s & $1s)

The edge of the table was decorated with a beaded trim and accent trim in burgundy.

Also included with this set is a witch's hat, also handmade by me in faux leather. It has been decorated with beads, trims and flowers. 

Last, but certainly not least is the witch's broom. It was handcrafted in polymer clay, by me and has handlebars, foot rests and a seat attached. Perfect for today's modern day witch. :)

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Sharon Neth's Treasures said...

That looks so wonderful! How long did it take you? Weeks?

Diane said...

Love the chairs! Brilliant!

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

AMAZING!!! Oh my, I LOVE this! Brilliant, yes indeed, brilliant! Wow! Is this art installation published in a magazine? It should be!!!

cherig said...

Absolutely fantistic!

MLBetterly said...

Sharon, it took me about 14 hours.

Thanks Diane!

Rita, no it hasn't been published. :(

Cherig, Thank you!